Accessory Compatibility  Description Image
Conveyer Compatible with
FD-30, FB-285, FB-585
Input conveyor allows for faster
loading of the machine for high volume applications.
Exhaust Vent Kit Compatible with
FD-10, FD-12, FD-15, FD-25, FB-285, FB-585
Kit comes with: 1 Fan (6”, 2
spd. 293 cfm.), Hoses (25 Ft. Standard), 1 “T” Fitting, Hose Clamps
(7 Pcs.)
Photo Eye Sensor Kit Compatible ith w
FD-10, FD-12, FD-15, FD-25, FD-35
Photo Eye Sensor automatically
shuts down the machine to prevent overloading.
Purge Forms Compatible with
FD-10, FD-12, FD-15, FD-25, FD-20, FD-30, FD-35, FD-88, FB-285, FB-585
Purge/ Ingot Forms are designed
to mold the extruded melted product into blocks easily stackable on a pallet for shipping to your recycler. Available dimensions: 20″ x 12″ x 4″ and 40″ x 12″ x 4″
 Small Mold Forms

*Product appearance is subject to change.