Options & Accessories


We offer several stand-alone foam shredders varying in capacity from 200 lbs. of loose foam per hour up to 2,000 lbs. per hour. These shredders are ideal for clients who simply have a need to shred foam as a part of their process. They are also designed to integrate seamlessly with our densifiers for improved overall operational efficiency. Compatible with all densifier models.

Bag/Silo System

Bag/Silo systems allow operators to store high volumes of pre-shredded foam in silos or bags positioned above the densifier infeed. The material is then gradually gravity fed into the densifier over an extended period of time. These systems free up time for operators making for a more efficient operation. Compatible with all densifier models.

Exhaust Vent Kit

There is a smell associated with melting foam. We offer an exhaust vent kit for clients sensitive to this. It is designed to route the densifier exhaust to and out an outside wall. Compatible with all hot melt densifiers.

Purge Molds

Purge/ Ingot Forms are designed to mold the extruded melted product into blocks easily stackable on a pallet for shipping to your recycler. Available dimensions: 9″ x 6″ x 16″ (FD-10, FD-12), 17” x 6” x 24” (FD-15, FD-25), 24” x 6” x 17” (FD-335, FD-435)